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Our story began in 2008 in Dubai as Hoor Food Trades, a trading company passionate about international commerce. We established a strong reputation for reliability and excellence, importing diverse products like energy drinks, chocolate, gum, canned food, and cookies to countries like Emirates, Iraq, India, Pakistan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, etc.

Driven by growth ambitions, we relocated to Vancouver, Canada, and rebranded as Commercika. As a trusted name in the trading industry, we connect continents and cultures, importing a wide range of products to Dubai and other Middle Eastern countries. Guided by integrity, innovation, and customer satisfaction, we navigate the global marketplace, forging new partnerships that shape the future of international trade.

Our Mission

To facilitate global trade by connecting diverse markets, delivering superior products, and fostering long-lasting partnerships built on integrity, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

Our Vision

To be a leading force in international commerce, driving economic growth, and cultural exchange by bridging continents, empowering businesses, and shaping a connected and prosperous global marketplace.

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Import, Export and Trade


Our company specializes in importing a wide range of food products into Middle Eastern countries, providing exceptional import services to meet the diverse culinary needs of the region.


We offer comprehensive export services, specializing in the distribution of food products to Middle Eastern countries. We export from all over the world.


We specialize in trade working with several companies from all over the world. We purchase ethically sourced products and sell them to our clients in several countries in Asia.      

Working with Commercika has been a game-changer for our import-export operations. Their professionalism, reliable sourcing, and exceptional customer service have surpassed our expectations. We highly recommend Commercika as a trusted partner in the dynamic world of international trade.

Commercika has transformed our import-export business with their expertise and reliable services. Their commitment to quality, attention to detail, and outstanding customer support have made them an invaluable partner. We highly recommend Commercika for seamless and successful international trade operations.

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#1500-701 West Georgia St.     Vancouver, BC, Canada


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